Uhaul Coupons November 2013 – Truck Rental Cheaper

When your belongings need to be placed somewhere else, Uhaul is the company to call.

This multimillion dollar company had its humble beginnings in trucking and has now expanded its operations to include storage, towing and moving supplies.

Now, Uhaul has reached to an even wider audience with the introduction of Uhaul coupons to help people save on services.

How Uhaul Coupons works?

Uhaul CouponsSince Uhaul provides a wide variety of services, so do their coupons. There are the usual fixed price discounts, such as $10 off on services which include professional installation.

Another kind of reward pertains to warranty – Avail of certain services to get a lifetime (unlimited) warranty for only $5. Another kind of coupon involves freebies, such as free storage for a month and free standard shipping when you purchase good or pay for services from Uhaul.

Where and how to get Uhaul Coupons

Before having your items shipped, you might want to check the most recent Uhaul promo codes around this website for saving money also Uhaul official website will help you with information about its coupons.

For sure, there is coupons you can use to help save on movers. Facebook is not a bad idea to check out, too, as the official fan page usually gives information about great discounts with Uhaul.

Learn how much you will save by using your Uhaul Coupons this 2013

A person can get a huge amount of savings when using Uhaul coupons.For instance, when buying a hitch for you vehicle online, you can have it professionally installed by Uhaul technicians for $10 less the original install fee.

And because it was installed by Uhaul technicians, you only pay an additional $5 for a lifetime service warranty.

If there is lots of stuff you just can’t do away with, but has no more room for in your home, try renting storage at Uhaul. For a month, the rent is free, as long as you rent a one way equipment.

Moreover, if the total amount spent is $25 or more on boxes or moving supplies (packaging tape, mattress bags, cushion foams, etc.) there is free standard shipping.


Sum up your total savings with Uhaul Coupons This 2013

You cannot believe the savings you can get from having your stuff moved by Uhaul. For example, free one month storage if you rent the equipment can mean saving anywhere between $60 to $100. This of course, is if you rent equipment, which you most likely will since it is needed to move your stuff.

Paying $5 for unlimited warranty is truly priceless. This means that as long as you have your hitch, the guys at Uhaul will fix it – even after 15 years from the date of purchase, or better yet, as long as you are still alive.

If you are moving lots of stuff and your moving supplies cost you $25 or more, your shipping is free. The best part is, if you purchased any Uhaul box from the $25 you spent, and you were not able to use the extra boxes, just bring them to any Uhaul center and they will buy them back! How good a deal is that?!

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